Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lebanon Hills 4 miler

This is a loop that I tend to run in the fall/winter and early spring as part of the trail is pretty hard to find in the summer. Its basically an out and back from Jensen Lake but the right turn around 1.7 miles in adds some fun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surf the Murph 2011 25k course

This year I chose to step down to the 25 (injury) but was thrilled to be able to run the 25k loop and experience a taste of the race. So without further ado here are vitals from the 2011 course. If you do head and try to run this loop, remember that a couple of sections aren't really part of any trail, at least not part of any official trails, just think like a deer and you will be fine.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lebanon Hills

This is a copy of a post I did quite a few years back that I thought would be useful on this site too.

If anyone runs in Lebanon they will know what I am about to talk about so you all can skip this section but if you don't know it here is a brief overview, the park has three distinct sections, eastern, middle and western sections. The three sections are separated by roads (Pilot Knob - east/middle and Johnny Cake - middle/west - you can get a quick view of the sections with my converted pdf below but go to the link above for all of the info on the park and the actual pdf). The eastern and middle sections are connected from the trail as there is an underpass over Pilot Knob. You can access the eastern section through four parking lots, the western section through one parking lot, the middle section from the eastern section Jensen lake parking lot or the campgrounds. The only way to get from the middle to the western section is to pop out of the middle section in one of two areas and then you have a 1/2 mile or so on pavement to get to the western section.

The eastern section has the most miles of trails and probably ends up with some of greater numbers of people, I usually can get in 10 or 15 miles without getting too bored. The eastern part of the park can become almost un-runnable with deer flies later in the summer, when that happens I switch to the middle - only a few miles of trails and most are horse trails and the western section. Note on the map above the middle section is included with the western section and there aren't too many trails. The western section only has about a 2.5-3 mile loop (you can split the loop in the middle and do figure 8's) unless you want to share trails with mountain bikers which I would highly advise against. The bikers stay off the hiking trails, we should stay off theirs. Ok, I do go on the horse trails but there aren't as many of them and I can hear them coming and they mostly just smile at me and say hello so I don't think they mind. I have been told by horse folks to talk so their horses know what I am and don't get startled. I normally will stop running and walk by carefully. So please respect them as well. The reason I like the western section is the hills are steeper than the eastern and I have never had issues with deer flies. So nothing to torment me and hills to charge up and down, the only negative is that I can normally only do between 5-10 miles without getting too bored.

I think the longest run I have done in the park is probably about 25 miles, I tried to hit every trail in the Park (except the mountain bike trails) and I still missed a few, so you can spend the day there without too much repetition although will you need to do a bit of meandering back and forth.

So if you have never run in Lebanon, you should give it a try. It is a wonderful oasis of trails in suburbia that is getting heavier use but is still a great place to run. More challenging then the river bottoms, closer for me then Afton, more trails than Murphy, Hyland or just about anywhere else in the metro area that I know of.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hyland 3 mile course

Start at the parking lot near the ski jump, cut behind the garage, across the tracks, down to the dock and out along side of W. Bush Lake road and then loop back.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lebanon Hills 5 mile course

Start at Jensen lake, loop around and work your way back to Jensen lake.

Lebanon Hills not quite 5 mile course

Start from the mountain bike parking lot off of Johnny Cake. Run up the hill and  then loop around the outer hiking trail. Once you loop back to the top of the hill, turn around and run back.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lebanon Hills almost 10 mile course

Start at Jensen, loop around the south side and then work your way back

As promised before I will eventually post a LH trail map which might provide a bit more detail.